Accessible Online Yoga - Sliding Scale - Body Postive Cues

Hannah offers a playful teaching style that includes options for mixed ability classes.  

Monday Night Yoga 8-9 pm EST
(Suggested $5-20, Note on sliding scale payment below)
Live online - Mixed Ability Yoga

 Every Monday (almost) in March, April & May  2023
(Except April 10 and May 22nd)

Follow this LINK to sign up.

Coming Soon....
Pop-up Community Yoga In-person & Online
Community yoga - Planned for July & August

Maybe it's a Mid-day yoga break? Or a Chair class at a secret community location?
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How is Blue Angel Playful?   Hannah gives participants permission to explore and have fun with by using  sweet unexpected alignment and movement cues like 'Picking Apples'.  

How is Blue Angel Accessible?  Blue Angel allows for yoga accessibility by:

Why Blue Angel?   Yoga can be a fart-y activity and Hannah can be a bit silly sometimes.  Best not to suppress the gas within as you will find greater discomfort if you do!  Good thing all the classes are online.  Safety note: No actual farts will be ignited during class. 

Stride and Stretch yoga members are welcome to join any class as part of their membership. 
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